Education and Informing


The Slovenian Chamber of Engineers is actively involved in the lifelong education of its members, provided by its Training Academy. We organize workshops, seminars, conferences and symposia, such as the “Fire Safety Week” in 2006 and a number of courses on Eurocodes, which started in 2007 and continued into 2008. Each year, we organize a traditional Day of Engineers in Ljubljana or Maribor, where the most current of issues are discussed.

Special attention is given to lifelong education of our members who are informed about annual educational programme with a published brochure sent directly to them once a year. We also support professional training needed for license renewal.


We strive to provide quality information to our members and the general public. Our objective is to offer concise and effective information. It is through our website that we mostly communicate with our members and the general public. In addition to this, we also provide information through a printed bulletin, which was upgraded in terms of its contents and form in 2007. The bulletin contains information on professional issues our certified engineers have to deal with. The bulletin is published four times a year. In order to make our news as current as possible, we continue to send short e-mails as well as monthly news which are also sent by e-mail.