The obligations of the IZS are determined by the Construction Act and in the IZS’s Statute and are as follows:

1. to define professional principles in the construction of buildings,
2. to facilitate the development of civil engineering, land surveying and other engineering professions united in the IZS, and the development of their reputation,
3. to cooperate with national and local authorities and to act as a representative of the profession vis-à-vis these authorities,
4. to provide professional training in construction design and other types of desig and land surveying activities,
5. to participate in preparing educational programmes and in so doing having the right to publish an official journal as well as other publications,
5. to provide professional development and ensure the independence of construction design and other forms of project design, the auditing of project documentation, management of works and the supervision of the construction of buildings and land surveying services,
6. to represent the interests of its members in relation to state and local authorities, as well as in relation to their employers; to maintain a register of project designers, land surveying companies, other companies and institutions that participate in the construction of buildings in order to ensure the members’ independence and professional knowledge and to supervise the execution of construction design and other design projects as well as supervising land surveying activities,
7. to provide for and set professional examinations on responsible project design in construction and other fields of project design as well as the auditing of construction plans,
8. to provide for and set professional examinations on the responsible management of works,
9. to provide the execution of professional examinations on the activities of responsible land surveyors,
10. to establish, keep and maintain a register of IZS members,
11. international cooperation,
12. to exercise public authority under the Land Survey Service Act,
13. To implement the tasks of the competent authority in accordance with the law governing the procedure for recognition of professional qualifications, citizens of EU Member States, the European economic area and the Swiss Confederation for the performance of regulated professions in the Republic of Slovenia.


The Slovenian Chamber of Engineers performs the tasks referred to in items No. 7, 8, 9 and 10 on the basis of a public mandate and ensures the implementation of laws passed by the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning.



Slovenian Chamber of Engineers
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