Register of Certified Engineers  

Suspension of the status of a certified engineer

Members of the IZS who no longer carry out services as a certified engineer may have their status as a certified engineer temporarily suspended by depositing their standard official stamps and membership cards with the Registration Office of the IZS. During the period of temporary suspension of status, a certified engineer is temporarily deleted from the IZS register.
A member of the IZS may request suspension of status as a certified engineer at any time; however he is released from the obligation of paying the membership fee for the current year only if his request for suspension of status of a certified engineer is received by IZS before the end of February of the current year. The Commission for registration may waive payment of the membership fee also for those members whose request for suspension of the status of a certified engineer it has received after the end of February, but only if those members for medical reasons no longer require a standard official stamp in the current year. To such a request the standard official stamp and membership card of the certified engineer, medical evidence and a statement that in the current year the standard official stamp has not been used have to be attached.
On the day of the status of a certified engineer being reactivated the member becomes liable to pay full membership fees for the current year.


 IZS form for suspension of the status of a certified engineer